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We are a China consortium of CLIMA (CLIMA.) and Beijing shrimp breeding technology development Co., Ltd. The company was set up to provide consulting, design and construction of shrimp farming. We are specialized in upland aquaculture pond breeding model project. We develop and deliver solutions for shrimp farming.

Upland aquaculture pond breeding model is a relatively new biotechnology means to control water quality in shrimp and fish ponds, tanks, to minimize water exchange and environmental pollution, to recycle feed and reduce production cost. This to develop a sustainable and environmental friendly aquaculture.

Our mission is to create a well balanced, minimum exchange breeding system for shrimp, prawn, crustaceans and fish, this to make aquaculture farming more profitable. We want to provide technology for shrimp, prawn and crustaceans farming all over the world, in the most ecological way and with minimum impact on the environment. Our company would like to work with aquaculture farmers around the world that will farm shrimp in bio-floc systems. Farmers can establish a contract with us. We can provide you with technology inputs, technical know how, farm set up and assist with the complete farming period.

We are constantly working towards achieving new ideas and improving our systems, as well as making great efforts to protect the environment.


Our company can help you with the set up of several methods for shrimp farming. We are specialized in upland aquaculture pond breeding model farming breed, these systems can be used for ultra-intensive farming raceway, tank (up to 10 kg/m²) and in existing semi-intensive pond systems.

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